KAL Progress!

I’m moving along with two of the knitalongs I talked about last timeWendy’s Summer Solstice KAL, and the Mystic Fire knitalong.

For the Summer Solstice Shawl, the next clue included more beads — another 105 of them, to be precise, over four rows(!) — but it seems that this will be the last clue to feature them. As the shawl is bottom-up, I can only assume this means that the remaining five clues will include lace motifs and (eventually) decreases to the point of casting off. Whee! Here’s where I’m at, after Clue 2:

Summer Solstice Shawl, Summer 2012 WIP [1 of 1] -- click for larger

It’s looking lovely with all that luscious silk and the sparkling beads! :)

The second clue of the Mystic Fire KAL irritated me a little, I’ll confess — because other lace KALs I’ve done/seen have been a case of “part one, chart one”, then “part two, chart two”, the fact that this one had additional rows added to the end of the first chart threw me a little. It’s just lucky that I am sad and anal and read lace charts for fun (ha!) and noticed it that way — otherwise, I’d have just started on the second chart immediately, and that would have caused all kinds of problems. Still, it didn’t happen — although there was a lot of swearing around rows 83-86, mainly due to four yarn overs in a row and how to deal with them on subsequent rows. That slowed me down a little and was a little fiddly, but I got there in the end.

Here’s how it looks after Clue 2 — the shawl is getting a bit big for the needles now, so it’s harder to photograph:

Mystic Fire Shawl, Summer 2012 WIP [1 of 1] -- click for larger

Never one to overwhelm myself (*snorts*), I’m now doing a juggling act between these two KALs, Ziggity, the GoddessKnits Summer Mystery Shawl, and two test knits for friends. Oh, and there’s another KAL started this week, too. Thank goodness for the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage — it’s excellent knitting time. Wish me luck — and until next time, knit on! :)

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