So, I finally got chance to write about the two KALs that started recently — Wendy’s Summer Solstice KAL, and the Mystic Fire knitalong.

I started the Summer Solstice Shawl in another yarn completely, Knit Picks’ Palette, but after a few rows it became apparent that the yarn and I did not get on — not in the slightest. Clue a bit of panicking, as I didn’t have any other blue/teal fingering weight yarn in my stash and I desperately wanted this shawl to be “watery” in tone. Plus I had some absolutely gorgeous beads to match…!

At this point, my wonderful hubbie stepped in, and kindly told me he’d buy me new yarn for the project. I had a quick dash around the Internet (because the KAL had started and I didn’t want to fall behind any!) and came across Solstice Yarns, who are not far from me and who had in stock a stunning 100% silk fingering weight (Osiris) in a delicious teal colour (“On Your Shore”). Needless to say, it got ordered and within a few days I was casting on again quite merrily — so huge thanks to both hubbie and to Eleanor at Solstice Yarns for being so swift and helpful!

Here I am, after Clue 1:

Summer Solstice Shawl, Summer 2012 WIP [1 of 2] -- click for larger

And here’s a detail shot of those beads already in place. The pattern calls for nupps originally, but I thought beads would bring a little bit of sparkle. :)

Summer Solstice Shawl, Summer 2012 WIP [2 of 2] -- click for larger

I also got started on the Mystic Fire KAL, using some Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Bamboo 4ply in the “Far Darrig” colourway. This also had a challenge of its own, because I swatched for this project and was very confused when, after changing needle size to 5mm needles, I got the exact same tension as I had on 4.5mm! I eventually figured out that I’d only gone and re-swatched on another pair of 4.5mms that I own, so a third swatch (on the actual 5mm needles) was worked. However, I didn’t like the stitch definition so decided to stick with the 4.5mms — it’s still tighter than the pattern recommends, but it’ll have to do. :p

Here’s the progress after Clue 1:

Mystic Fire Shawl, Summer 2012 WIP [1 of 1] -- click for larger

And after all that, I also managed to get in some update time for Ziggity too! Wow!

Ziggity WIP [1 of 2] -- click for larger

And here’s a close up on that lovely zig-zagging lace pattern…

Ziggity WIP [2 of 2] -- click for larger

All this means, of course, that I’ve not done as much on the GoddessKnits Summer Mystery Shawl Knitalong than I’d hoped, but that’s next in the pile — so, until then, knit on!

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