I’ve Not Been Knitting

Often, despite one’s best intentions, Life has a habit of taking control — best laid plans, an’ all that. And while I was planning on getting lots of knitting done in recent months, and finishing a whole slew of languishing WIPs (as well as starting — and maybe even finishing — some new projects), that just didn’t happen.

What did happen was I broke my foot — so ended up in plaster, and on crutches, with strict instructions to rest up for a while. “Great!” I thought, “I have an excuse to do nothing but sit and knit!” :)

The downside was that the amount and strength of painkillers meant that I couldn’t even concentrate on staying awake, let alone finishing Winterburn’s sleeves or anything else for that matter. Oh, I started out by devising a list of projects to work on whilst my foot was healing up, and got everything packed into an easy-to-carry, kitty-proof crate so I could just perch wherever I wanted for the day — and then promptly conked out on the pain meds.

And then let’s not dwell on the allergic reaction I had to some of the meds, which wound me up in hospital with chest problems, shall we? *sighs*

Hence, I’ve not been knitting.

However, I’m back mobile now (there is a slight issue — my foot doesn’t seem to have healed as well as it should, so I’m now waiting on the results of a bone scan) and so I’m hoping to get back into the saddle with the needles, so to speak. The only problem now is that many of my WIPs are autumn/winter wear, and it’s glorious sunshine and high temperatures here now — at least for the past few days or so — which makes me disinclined to work on anything really heavy. And so, I have a new lace shawl on the needles, as well as a new pattern (again, a lace shawl) that my darling heart-sister gifted me recently. And then I hear that Wendy Knits is hosting another summer knitalong — and given the last one reaped the delight that is Coppertone, who am I to resist? LOL!

So, with needles and yarn in hand I gamely knit on — more to come soon! :)

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