Winterburn: all start!

Oh, I am so very thankful for my knitting circle :)

The other night, I went along and took Winterburn and all the associated bits I needed to work this dratted cast-on. Now, let me just say that this cast-on is not the fault of the designer, but rather my inability to work a simple crochet chain. Yes, I am one of those people who knits, but does not crochet. And there’s a good reason for that. :p

As it was, I went to my knitting circle and the lovely ladies there helped me get all cast-on and working on the first of my sleeves. What’s more, I also have a second crochet chain all ready for when I come to do the next sleeve. Whoo hoo! Thank you so much to the ladies at my knitting circle, because now I’m back in the running with this sweater, which makes me happy.

As for the crochet, I still can’t do it — a fact that amused some of my knitting circle, even after trying to show me. I think I’ll look into other provisional cast-on methods at some point in the future, so that if I have to work a provisional again, it won’t necessarily include the dreaded hook.

Of course, I could always practice some more too… But life’s too short — and I have too much to knit up! Let’s see how I get on then, shall we? Until next time, knit on! :)

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I’m so glad you’re back on the road with this one – it’s really looking lovely. I don’t know if it will work, because it depends on the construction but you could try the cast-on I used for Beyond Gallifrey. The only thing you need a crochet hook for is to pick at it when you don’t need it anymore. Knit on!

Haha! It is so wonderful to have a knitting group -and I too find crochet cast-ons difficult and I can crochet!:-) Happy knitting!

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